The folks over at Product Hunt created and curated a collection of the best startups and products founded by inspiring women. VCs, entrepreneurs, and Product Hunt members have all weighed in on their favorites.

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1. Startup

There is no better time than this for a start-up. You can find dozens of start-ups daily in countries like India, USA & others. If you have any great idea & want to start your own company then its very easy now a days to get funding from number of Venture Capital firms.

2. Make Money Sites

There are more than 50 sites which provide online make money opportunities. Different company has different concept, e.g. some companies pay you for reading the ads, some pay you for datamake money sites entry, some for online survey, some for promoting their products & many others.

For More Ideas on Businesses you can start at Home  Click Here

3. Card Making

Greeting card making business idea is perfect for those who enjoys creativity and want to turn their creative minds into a successful venture. This is one of the most profitable craft business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

4. Advertising

Are you an online publisher or blogger? Add some extra revenue to your site by adding advertisements or Google Adsense to your blog, social networks, or website. Depending on your traffic you may be able to work with an ad network like Ad Thrive, Real Girls Media, or Federated Media.

5. Start preparing for home business success

Whatever business you decide to embark on, there are several basics that you can’t avoid.
Even if you don’t need to approach a bank or lender for a financial loan, writing a business plan is a brilliant business exercise – helping you test out the viability of your idea, and spot any holes you may have missed (make sure you don’t make these 10 common business plan mistakes though).

For More Ideas on Businesses you can start at Home  Click Here

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